What is the benefit of bibliotherapy?


bibliotherapy What is the benefit of bibliotherapy?



Therapists play a great role in the process of ensuring that they employ the best therapy approach for a full recovery given a specific case for the patient. As such, there have been application of the traditional therapy techniques, mixed with the modern or emerging methodologies. One such methodology is the bibliotherapy approach, which entails the use of books and other literatures in support of the patient (Malibiran et al., 2018). As such, the bibliotherapy has been common with resolving mental related issues such as addiction, eating disorders, stress, depression, somatic system disorder or anxiety (Popa & Porumbu, 2017). Its application is aimed at disrupting the severity of these mental conditions, and diverting the patients mind to a completely new path through storytelling and reading in a specific and systematic manner, for the purposes of healing.

Although Bibliotherapy is still a developing therapy approach, its application with other therapeutic approaches has resulted in excellent healing through use of story, language and symbol. Nevertheless, the best combination of therapy with the bibliotherapy is cognitive behavioral approach. Unlike many other therapeutic approaches, bibliotherapy has been applied to the patients effectively as it involves an intelligent way of creativity, which demands that therapists customize the approach process in order to match the demands of the patient (Malibiran et al., 2018). On the other hand, the approach has also been hailed across the clinical board for its ability to be employed in almost every patient, regardless of their mental status. In the recent past, bibliotherapy has been a growing therapy area where its application has been largely determined by the client’s experience, which informs the therapist on deciding on treatment course options, thus enhancing the whole therapeutic relationship for a positive result at the end of sessions (Popa & Porumbu, 2017).


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